Outside Features


Today’s low-voltage, energy efficient systems not only generate balance and sophistication, but increase property value while providing safety and security. We will combine the talents and knowledge of our landscape designers, and lighting experts to create the perfect setting that’s tailored to your family’s personal tastes and lifestyle. Our lighting specialists have the knowledge and skills to distinguish your property from dusk until dawn.

Fire Pit

No better way to spend quality time with family and friends than around a fire pit. One of the many perks of a having a fire pit is that it can be used all year long. In addition to adding style and character to any backyard. There are variety of fire pit designs to pick from.


Need to update your walls? Urban Xscapes specializes in installing vinyl and wood fencing.


Having an outdoor grill gives you the opportunity to appreciate the weather in the convenience of your own home. Like the fire place, this is another opportunity to enjoy home cooked meals with family and friends. Perfect for any occasion, installing a grill expands your living spaces and is an incredible way to add versatile to your home.